Cash Plans

With todayís rising treatment costs we could all do with some extra help to cover the expense of our everyday healthcare, the last thing you want is for your finances to get in the way of the quality healthcare you deserve.

FP Healthcare can offer you low cost health cash plans giving you access to a wide range of healthcare when you need it most, not when you can afford it.

We want to help you plan for the costs of visits to medical professionals, whether itís for a check-up, treatment or an emergency.

Our specialists can help you make healthcare accessible, affordable and as stress free as possible with our wide range of cash plans giving you more time to enjoy the more important things in life, like taking care of yourself and your family.

Cash plans can also be a great employee benefit and is a great product that you can offer if you donít have a comprehensive private medical insurance scheme in place for your employees. If you do, cash plans can complement this cover, providing money towards treatment that may not be covered such as dental treatment.

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